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Abiding in the Margin

Carrie is a mother of five and holds a senior leadership position in a non-profit foundation in Wisconsin.  Her margin is small, but she has found an unforced rhythm of grace as she walks with Him in life.  She loves to encourage and inspire other moms who also have a small margin but as they seek Him in the season of parenting.

Abiding in the Barrenness

After years of infertility, miscarriage, adoption, and birth of her children, her family grew in a way that only the Lord could have orchestrated.  She shares her story of those long years of barrenness.  The pain, the grief, and the longing that she felt physically, emotionally, and yes, spiritually, and how He carried her through the decade-plus journey. She is a proud mom of six children, one who is in heaven with the Lord.

Wandering No Longer

Carrie experienced her own forty years of wandering in the desert.  The desert of lies that she had absorbed and the untruths she allowed to be replayed in her mind like a broken record.  Through a series of events, the Lord brought her out of the desert, showed light to the lies, and set her free into her promised land.  She tells of her journey out of captivity and the freedom she has found as she lets Jesus lead her daily.

Abiding in the Margin...

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