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Your teacher will be right there, local and on the job, urging you on whenever you wander left or right: “This is the right road. Walk down this road.” (Isaiah 30:21 MSG)

Sometimes in the maze of life, I desire to have a neon light showing me which way to go. But very rarely has God shown me the way with such a stop-in-your-tracks type of sign! Is it the same for you? What is crowding your maze, today making it even more difficult to navigate? Do you find yourself stuck in the maze of life, unable to see beyond the here and now to determine which path to take?

Could it be that we get “stuck” in the maze of life because we are relying on our own ability to navigate? What if when we feel ourselves getting to a place of being unsure of which way to turn, we stop striving to figure it out and just BE with our Savior? What if, right before the panic alarm sounds, we take a deep breath reminding ourselves of His Sovereignty and then exhale the anxious thoughts surrounding the uncertainty and confusion? What if we put aside the seeking to see the neon sign from God and then worried that we missed it, and instead seek to quiet our souls from the noise. What if we become so quiet, we can hear Him whisper, “this is the way child, walk down this road.”

Friend, as we all journey in the maze of life, let us not forget that He is holding our life map in His strong and faithful hands. He sees the finish line! He sees all the turns ahead of us. Even as the maze becomes challenging and confusing and we are presented with sharp turns, let us grow more in love with our Savior and more dependent on Him so that when we reach the finish line, we resemble more of Him and less of ourselves?

Today, is your soul quiet enough to hear our Abba, Father say, “child I am right here with you, I see everything ahead of you, now let’s journey through this maze of life together and I will tell you where and when to turn?”

Thank you, Lord, that You hold the map of my life. You know all the turns that I will take in my journey. I pray that the noise of my soul can be quieted so that I can hear your whispers. May I grow closer to You on the journey through the maze of life more than merely just having made it through? May I finish well as your good and faithful servant.

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