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Blocking the Way…

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

God’s angel said to him: “Why have you beaten your poor donkey these three times? I have come here to block your way because you’re getting way ahead of yourself…Balaam said to God’s angel, “I have sinned. I had no idea you were standing in the road blocking my way. If you don’t like what I’m doing, I’ll head back.” (Numbers 22: 32-34 MSG)

Have you ever been going so fast in life, pushing your agenda ahead, that you just plow right past God’s warning signs?

Balaam is a name from the Bible that when mentioned, is met with a response of, “um, who?” But there is an amazing story within the life of Balaam that provides guidance to us "doers/achievers" in life where we can very quickly get out ahead of ourselves and God. How many times have you done just that... moving right along without praying or seeking Him until you come to a "detour?" How do you meet the detour? Do you meet it with anger or impatience, taking out your frustration on those around you? Or have you been able to see God's hand in the detour?

What has God placed in your life that on the outer surface appears to be a detour? Maybe it is a relationship that is broken and needs mending, maybe it is a loss of a job unexpectedly, maybe it is smaller in nature but plain annoying, like a flat tire or a lengthy line at the store. What if in the detour God is trying to grab your attention to teach you and prepare you for what is yet to come? What if in the detour God is asking you to trust Him for your "manna" each day? What if in the detour God is protecting you from an accident that is just down the road that you would have been a part of had it not been for your flat tire or the lengthy line in the store? What if instead of frustration, the detour provoked a response of submissiveness and a heart ready to repent?

Oh Lord, help me to see past the detours to see your providential hands orchestrating the much-needed course change in my life when I am heading down a reckless path. Thank you that You will stop at nothing to open my eyes to see you in it all. Lord, block my ways if I am getting ahead of You.

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