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What are you clinging to?

You must fear the Lord your God and worship him and cling to him. (Deu 10:20 NLT)

There I was packing for my trip, thinking of all the things I “needed” for the week. I was feeling organized and prepared as I sat there staring at the piles set to go into the suitcase. But then as I began to place everything inside the suitcase, I soon realized that once again the only way for everything to fit, was for the weight of my body to be used… you know what I am talking about here ladies—right? The good ‘ol sit on top of your suitcase while you try with all of your strength to have the zipper close!

Well, sitting there on the floor with my finally closed suitcase, I felt both a sense of accomplishment and dread. I was rather proud of myself for getting my suitcase to close but then I dreaded the weight that I would be lugging around. I sighed and was about to get up when I heard a question stirring in my soul. So, I sat there allowing the question to come ... “Child, just like that packed suitcase of yours, you too are carrying a heavy load inside your heart as you try to journey with Me?” “Are you ready to do some unpacking?" I sat that still and quiet, reflecting over the questions stirring in my soul, knowing He was convicting my soul to be raw and vulnerable with Him.

Question for you...what is in your suitcase? Are you so weighed down with all the stuff you continue to carry around with you that you are not able to cling to Him fully and allow Him to be your everything on this journey called life?

I wonder if the contents of your suitcase would look similar to mine. Take, for instance, the item of self-protection. Oh my, how much do we carry around trying to protect ourselves? Or take the item of unforgiveness. How much energy does that heavy item take from you as you carry that one around in your heart? Or how about my big ones of fear and doubt? The weightiness of fear of failure or of unworthiness weighs my baggage down so much at times that I make myself stumble off His path seeking rest.

What is keeping you (and me) from unpacking that suitcase of ours and instead wake up ready for the journey ahead of us with our hands free and our hearts surrendered to cling to Him and bask in pure joy as we journey through life with Him untethered from the baggage?

Come on friends, an adventure awaits us...take His hand and cling to Him. And start living a life of freedom where you will find joy and a sense of lightness as you journey through life towards your final destination of Home!

Dear Lord, please forgive me for trusting the “stuff” that I continue to lug with me in life and has kept me from clinging to You. May my will be surrendered and may my heart trust in only You, Lord. You are my everything. You have given me an invitation to come journey through life with You, may my hands be opened to reach out and cling to You, Your truth and Your way for the trip ahead of me that will bring me to my final destination of Home!

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Tina Haisman
Tina Haisman
Apr 01, 2022


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