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Be Happy...

How happy is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in his ways! (Psalm 128:1 CSB)

Do you remember the song Be Happy by Bob Marley? I sure do and it brings some fun memories back to my mind. Whenever the song would come on, I remember how I would picture myself on a beach tossing the cares of the world away and just basking in the joy and freedom of being “happy.”

So much of our world and society tries to tell us that happiness should be obtained at any cost. Out with the old and in with the new, as the saying goes as that approach will surely bring you happiness. And maybe it does but for how long?

Today, in the book of Psalm 128, God reveals the secret sauce of how to find lasting happiness. Such happiness does not come from things or even from the loved ones around us, it comes from Him and Him a one, when we walk in his ways.

Many Christians would shake their heads in agreement with this verse, myself included. But my dear friend, He wants us to know it in our hearts. And when we do, the spring of happiness is turned on and what flows out is utter joy and happiness as we participate in the invitation extended to us by our Lord and we say, "Yes!" in flowing His ways.

Oh Lord, how joyous it is to be happy in your Presence and to walk in Your ways. Please forgive me, Lord, when I have chosen to walk not in Your ways but seek happiness in others or in the things of this world. How I desire the kind of happiness that only You can provide.

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